Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oriental DreamWorks holds its second annual Brain Trust Summit, demonstrating industry leadership

Shanghai, China, December 13, 2016—Oriental DreamWorks successfully held its second annual Brain Trust Summit from December 12th to 14th, and a very inspiring panel discussion on the “Secrets of Successful Storytelling” on December 13th. Film, theater, animation, and other related industry talents from China and around the globe all joined together for refreshing multilateral and interdisciplinary industry discussions, aiming to reveal brand new insights on creativity to both Oriental DreamWorks and the Chinese pan-entertainment industry at large. 

The annual Brain Trust Summit is founded and hosted by the Oriental DreamWorks creative team. The first summit soon became an industry hit when it was held last year. The event this year unites film, theater, animation, and other industry experts, including but not limited to Joan Chen, Chinese American actress and winner of several Best Actress awards; David Henry Hwang, Tony Award-winning American playwright and screenwriter; Alan Yang, Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series; Marjorie Liu, New York Times best-selling author and comic book novelist and author of Astonishing X-Men; and Junot Díaz, internationally acclaimed Dominican American writer and recipient of a MacArthur

Genius fellowship and the Pulitzer Prize. To further advance China-US communications, Oriental DreamWorks also invited Xuan Liang and Jie Chen, director and producer of Big Fish and Begonia, the highest grossing Chinese animated film of 2016, and Carrie Wang, a frequent collaborator with Stanley Tong and Jackie Chan whose credits include CZ12.

For the three-day duration, Oriental DreamWorks and its guest speakers will exchange their views on China-US cultural fusions as well as the secrets behind outstanding storytelling through a wide range of activities including brainstorming sessions, movie screenings, as well as panel discussions. These discussions involved discussions about cutting-edge thinking in China’s creative industry and also new revelations to Oriental DreamWorks’ content creation, enabling more high-quality film production for audiences in China and the world.

One highlight of the event is the panel discussion on the “Secrets of Successful Storytelling”, moderated by Peilin Chou, Head of Creative at Oriental DreamWorks. The discussion aims to uncover the secrets behind effective storytelling, a core focus of the film and creative industries in the pan-entertainment era. The guests shared their experiences and expertise in the said subject, bringing limitless inspiration to the attending audiences.

Ms. Peilin Chou expressed her appreciation for the guests and their expertise: “We are honored to have everyone present at the second annual Brain Trust Summit. Creativity and storytelling are both cornerstones of high-quality filmmaking. As a leader of both domestic and international creative industries, Oriental DreamWorks is uniquely positioned to fully capture Hollywood’s filmmaking expertise and infuse it with the essence of both Eastern and Western cultures to bring world class films to the global stage.”

During the summit, Oriental DreamWorks also arranged a tour of their creative studio for the guests to experience firsthand the creation process behind for the creation of world class animated films.