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The animation department of Oriental DreamWorks is experienced and continues to evolve. With the leadership of top-level animators, professional talent development programs, first-rate international projects, outstanding collaborative teams and strong technical support, we hope to find aspiring animators to join us to become the top animators of the Chinese animation industry!


John Hill

My name is John Hill, I went to Sheridan College for 3 years for Classical Animation.

I worked with Don Bluth for 10 years on, ‘Land Before Time’, ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’, ‘Rock'a Doodle’, ‘Troll in Central Park’, ‘Thumbnail Pebble and the Penguin’, ‘Anastasia’, ‘Titan A.E.’.

I was hired by DreamWorks and have been working the last 15 years on, ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’, ‘Sinbad’, ‘Shark Tail’, ‘Over the Hedge’, ‘Bee Movie’, ‘Madagascar: Escape to Africa’,  ‘Mad Valentine’, ‘Puss in Boots’, ‘Turbo’, ‘Monkey's of Mumbai’, ‘Puss in Boots2’, ‘Boo’, ‘Trolls’ and now first animation feature film.

Looking forward to telling this great story and building up a world class Animation Dept. and studio in Shanghai.


Chung Chan

My name is Chung Chan. I grow up in Hong Kong.

I joined Pacific Data Image studio after graduated from Academy of Art College, which merged with DreamWorks Animation later.

I was lucky to have chance to work as animator on ‘Antz’, ‘Shrek’, became a supervising animator on ‘Shrek 2’and ‘Shrek the third’, Moved to L.A as an animator on ‘Madagascar 2’, ‘How to train your Dragon’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’.

After I moved to Shanghai as a Supervising Animator, I worked on Television Series ‘DreamWorks Dragon’ season 1 and DVD special ‘Dawn of the Dragon Racers’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ mandarin version.

Currently working on development of ODW's first feature film.


Alexandre Li

Graduated after 3 years of traditional and cg animation at Gobelins animation school, I started my career as animator in a french studio where we did ‘A Monster in Paris’.

After working for Mikros on Asterix Mansion of the gods and Illumination's franchise ‘Despcable Me 2’, I've been animating and supervising at ODW ever since. Starting ODW's first franchise is an exciting challenge and I am keen to see new energetic arrivals coming and joining our effort.


Ravi Kamble

Originally from Spain, I worked in commercials, rides and TV projects for various studios when I lived in the UK for 3 years. In 2011, I returned to Spain and worked in the Spanish feature ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’ as a senior animator for Kandor Graphics, and after that joined DreamWorks Animation in 2013, starting as an animator and development assistant, to afterwards become a character lead of ‘Dave, the octopus’, the villain of the ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ movie. Since 2015 I'm working at Oriental DreamWorks in Shanghai as a supervising animator on various projects to grow the studio, and help out on the first feature film.


Special Mentor: Raman

Senior Creative Advisor and Executive Producer of ODW

Star Mentors:

Kristof Serrand

Legendary animator of Dreamworks Animation. Supervising Animator. He delivered 'Basic Animation Principles'(2015-Jun) and 'Animation Acting'(2016-Aug) classes for us.


Dr. Stuart Sumida

Professor of Biology, well known as animal anatomy consultant at industry. He delivered 'Quadruped and Biped Anatomy for animation'(2016-Sep) for us.